Cleaning San Francisco Bay Area's Cars Since 1958    

988 El Camino Real       
South San Francisco, CA 94080       
Phone 650.589.1214       

Position Available:
Car Wash Attendant

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Summary of Position:

Wash attendants are responsible for performing the daily operational

tasks of running the car wash facility. Attendants are to ensure we consistently turn out a clean, dry, and shiny vehicle.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Vacuum vehicles in a proficient and efficient manner ensuring that all trash is removed, ashtrays emptied, floor mats/trunk or third seat area is cleaned or shampooed as specified. Keep vacuums unclogged, hoses hung properly, and trash cans emptied.

Guide vehicles and/or drive vehicle into the wash area with a focused, pleasant, and competent demeanor. Pre-treat vehicles and wheels as necessary prior to wash.

Perform visual inspections of the condition of each vehicle prior to sending

The vehicle through the wash bay. Notify cashier/supervisor if there are issues.

Be proficient with all assigned tasks and procedures and able to perform them

as assigned. Request training when you are unsure how to accomplish assignment. Maybe, cross-trained to fill-in other positions during breaks or illness.

Perform visual inspections of car wash tunnel and equipment rooms to ensure all equipment and chemicals are functioning properly. Organize storage areas when assigned and daily return items to their correct locations.

When assigned perform regularly scheduled maintenance on all equipment to ensure it is kept in proper working order. Report defective or unsafe equipment, tools, conditions and/or chemicals.  Do not work with any chemical without first reading and understanding that chemicals Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).  Properly dispose of all chemicals as specified on the MSDS.

Ensure towels, application products are clean, sorted, stored and available for use as prescribed.  Always use the proper product and application procedure for the proper task.

Keep the entire property spotlessly clean and ensure everything is in

It’s proper place and organized. Report ALL safety concerns to your supervisor or management.

Maintain customer-waiting areas clean and orderly throughout the day.

As a Team Member be polite and available to address all customer concerns and handle there concerns in a professional manner that is satisfactory to both the customer and to our company.  As a Team Member, it is your duty to create a harmonious work environment with all employees and staff.

Download an application here